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In 1985, started from our founder, Mr.Anek Chatchaisiri, a middleman in paddy market. He travelled around to the north and the north eastern of Thailand to collect and buy the high quality of paddy then supplied to the rice mills.
In 1992, established Chok Woralak Partnership in Lop Buri province to be the center market of paddy trading.

In 2000, Chok Woralak Partnership commenced the operation of rice mill with the capacity of 400 metric tons per day, for milling Thai Hom Mali rice,  white rice and parboiled rice to supply to local rice operator.

In 2005, The expansion of the milling facility up to 1200 metric tons per day.

In 2010, established Chok Chat Chai Rice Mill in Saraburi province with the capacity of 500 metric tons per day which produce white rice and also the Thai Hom Mali rice.

In……, established Chok Vijit Rice Mill in Roi-Et province to be a center of buying Thai Hom Mali rice, the most famous Thai’s rice which is well grown in the northern region of Thailand.

In 2014, More than 30 years of experience in supplying high quality of Thai rice in domestic market, Siam Golden Rice Co., Ltd was established to expand the family business from local rice supplier to be the global rice provider.

With our strengths of owning four large rice mills in the strategic locations, we can control the rice quality from the field to the production process.  Our customers can be confident that every single grain of our product is pure, fresh and free from GMO.  We also have successfully acquired the standard of “Thai Hom Mali Rice” from the Department of Thai Foreign Trade, CODEX, GMP and HACCP standard.

“Your Reliable Rice Partner” is the mission of Siam Golden Rice Co.,Ltd which committed to our customers and we realize in building long-term business partnership. With our expertise in one stop OEM manufacturing, we always deliver the best quality of goods and services to meet the customer’s satisfaction and be a part to support our partners’ success.

Why Us?

Many reasons Why Our Products are Premium Quality

Siam Golden Rice, As a professional rice exporter in Thailand, provides and supplies the best quality rice product through our high technology rice processing machine. We guarantee that every single grain of our premium quality product is very pure, fresh and free from GMO.

The variety of Rice ; We can supply every kind of rice and always freshy
Trusting Quality Control Laboratory : We use the high standard scientific methods for checking
One stop service: we are not serve only premium rice but we can manage from customer orders to shipping GMO Free

Vision & Mission


To be the rice exporter and provider of best quality products and services and be recognized for its fairness, professionalism…


To provide a variety of quality products and services with commitment, flexibility and reliability.


Chok Woralak Ricemill

Located at Lop-buri Province
Parboiled Rice Producer with capacity 3000 Metric Tons per 24 hrs.
Warehouse Rental

Chok Chat Chai Ricemill

Located at Saraburi Province
Capacity 800 Metric Tons per day for White and also Jasmine Rice
Paddy storage with temperature control in silo system.

Chok Vijit RiceMill

Located at Roiet Province.
Capacity 500 Metric Tons per day for White and also Jasmine Rice

GPSD Transpot Co. Ltd.

In-bound transportation service with trucks and trailers
Control by GPS Tracking System

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GPSD Transport